The owner, Leonardo Licul, is a company in the field of providing tourist services, in particular accommodation and family housing, etc.

The guest will be informed and confirm the desired accommodation service based on the information on our website



Inquiries and room reservations are accepted and confirmed by telephone, e-mail or via the website of the agency and contractual partners.

Based on your request, we will send you our offer. When you book the desired holiday accommodation, you will receive a written confirmation from the owner. To secure the reservation, please pay the specified amount in advance (usually 30%). After receiving the payment, we will send you a voucher to confirm the reservation. Always provide the necessary information for the reservation.

By making a booking, the traveler confirms that they are aware of these general terms and conditions for the provision of travel services, which they have carefully read beforehand and that they fully accept them. In this way, everything stated in these general conditions is a legal obligation for both the traveler and the visitor.


Payment is made in euros according to the valid agency price list, unless otherwise stated in the offer.

a) Payment of the advance

The advance is binding. Unless otherwise agreed, the advance will be paid upon booking confirmation. Otherwise the reservation will be considered cancelled.

When paying, the name of the payer and the name of the holiday accommodation must be given. The deposit is 30% of the total price, depending on the chosen accommodation and travel time. Only then is the delivery of the booking confirmed.

b) balance

The remainder of the total amount reduced by the amount of the advance payment will be paid into the agency's account 4 weeks before the guest's arrival or on the day of arrival of an agency employee in the accommodation unit.


a) General Services

The price of accommodation includes the basic service stated in the description of the accommodation unit.

For guests who have made an advance payment for an individual reservation, the landlord is liable for the price of accommodation resulting from the confirmed reservation for which the corresponding amount has been paid, regardless of subsequent changes in the price of accommodation for the individual reservation .

In the event that more people arrive on the day of arrival, i.e. on the day the service begins, than specified in the reservation confirmation or in the travel documents (VOUCHER - VOUCHER), the landlord is entitled to withdraw the accommodation. of unregistered guests or request a change of service (accommodation facility - accommodation unit) if unregistered guests can be received at a certain time, or accept all guests with an extra charge for unregistered guests from the site according to the applicable service. price list.

The prices listed on the agency's website are based on the contract with our partners and may not correspond to those on the spot, ie the destination where the guest is staying, and any difference in price cannot be disputed.

b) Special – other services

Extra services are not included in the accommodation price, but can be requested upon request when making the reservation or directly at the destination if they are listed in the description of the desired accommodation under "Extra costs". Extra services are paid to the owner of the accommodation unit on the day of arrival.


According to the current Act on Residence Tax of the Republic of Croatia, a guest/citizen who uses the accommodation service in a tourist location outside their place of residence in the accommodation facility where boarding or tourist activity is carried out pays the residence tax. The amount of the tourist tax for a specific reservation depends on the destination in the Republic of Croatia and the date of stay and is charged according to the regulation on determining the amount of the tourist tax. The tourist tax is included in the price.


The offered accommodation units (apartments etc.) are described according to the official categorization of the competent institution and are based on an insight into the actual condition of the accommodation at the time of publication either by the landlord or our partners. The standards of accommodation, meals and other services are different and incomparable in specific places and in specific countries. The seller shall not be liable for any oral or written information provided